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I'm just a 20 something guy trying to get by. I do Photography and Structural Detailing. I'm really not that interesting, So, without wasting anymore of your precious coveted time, here's some shit I write.
Glenn Beck: Violent Video Games

Glenn beck in this segment talks about the new video game, Watch Dogs at 5:30. He claims that this game is teaching our kids to hack into people’s personal lives and watch people. He says its teaching kids to hack. 

He’s literally saying that by pressing x or square button, i can hack you and watch what you’re doing or i can hack a helicopter or a city mainframe, just by hitting x. 

He literally has no clue how ignorant he sounds. To be able to do even the most basic of things aiden does in this video game takes months and years of knowledge and even then, if the IT person at the company is negligent to basic security, SSL and HTTP, he’s leaving security flaws for exploitation. 

A kid cannot do this. Some kids can, but nowhere near the types of hacking that the game character does. Glenn Beck, you’re an idiot who just likes to listen to himself.


you guys i made a webpage.


Rolf probably would have won the Oscar

All of my yes!

Oh I swear
Caught a glimpse of her grace
Slightly misplaced

She’s around
Without audible sound
Comes moonlight bloom
She’s alone in her room

Daytime froze
I’ll need a cause
To carry on, on my own

Walls are melting

Walls are melting

Walls are melting

Walls are melting

You need to take yourself seriously or else nobody else will.

To be entirely honest though guys, I think Vladimir is just Putin on a show just so the world know he has that, “Crimea a river attitude.” :|

I like to claim ownership of all my ideas, because if i don’t, everyone else will.