I'm just a 20 something guy trying to get by. I do Photography, Structural Detailing and I Drink. I'm really not that interesting, So, without wasting anymore of your precious coveted time, here's some shit I write.

To be entirely honest though guys, I think Vladimir is just Putin on a show just so the world know he has that, “Crimea a river attitude.” :|

A changing man.

Over the past two years, I have been a complete and utter sack of shit. Sure I’ve bought a house, sure I’ve found financial success but I’ve lost something that always meant the most to me, my personality and sense of worth. I thought I was “soul searching” but all I was doing was essentially killing myself as fast and slow as possible, via Cigarettes and insatiable amounts of liquor. I successfully pissed away two years in what felt like a month. All the months of drinking day and night and smoking 1-2 packs a day had caught up with me. My depressed slump was officially killing me as fast as slowly possible.

I was weighing in at 240 pounds with an unkempt beard and a shitty half-assed mustache. And after looking in the mirror for the first time in three months, I decided i needed to change my life. I decided I was done with ruining my friendships, always being hungover and always feeling sick. I called around and looked for gym programs that could put me back into shape! I quit drinking heavily, threw away my full bar at my house and quit smoking. I limit myself to only one drink a week and have been eating healthy and going to the gym to go full bro everyday of the week. I’ve dropped down to 210,after five weeks and have started building muscle! I’ve re enrolled in school for computer science and have a role in a play! I’m on a journey to be a better guy and I hope I’ll find a better version of me on the way.

I like to claim ownership of all my ideas, because if i don’t, everyone else will.




♫ what does the vox say


This makes so much sense to me! I spurted milk water all over my screen!

Beat ‘em with their own medicine.

Don’t you just love those preachy religious kooks on facebook?